Cara Curtis Coordination Ottawa Cara Moyes Curtis

Making it Easier

Coordination | Organization | Planning

Completing the jigsaw puzzle – working to control all the moving pieces, make sense of the swirling parts, and fit all the elements together so you can achieve what you set out to achieve and you can get to where you need to go. Putting things in order … and then keeping them running smoothly!

  • Painless Planning: Intentional and Organized

  • Arranging Details: Bringing all together

  • Establishing Order: Focused Expertise

Optimizing your time, efforts, and resources so that your objectives are met as effectively as possible.

Collaborating with you as part of your support team, making your project organization easier, your administrative planning painless, and your coordination experiences effortless.

I work with you after-hours so you can keep your time and your focus on your business during your important peak hours.   READ MORE


Cara Moyes Curtis Cara Curtis Coordination OttawaContact me:

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile (Cara Moyes Curtis)

Or my Facebook page (CaraCurtisCoordination)

Or Twitter (@CaraCoordinates)

By email: caracurtis@outlook.com






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